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Emily Dickinson

Emily Dickinson


Lyre Bird

The Lyre bird seemed very unique and you barely see a bird that can make all the sounds it hear like this one does. It also has similar feathers on its butt like a peacock does. In the video though, it obviously shows that our civilization now has a lot of effect on the natural world with how the Lyre bird was making sounds of construction workers working and car alarms. We’re taking over the natural world and creating it into a place covered with millions of people everywhere with no room for what was originally here before our times.. which is definitely not a good thing at all.

Assignment 4


The only think I could think of that’s good about the media with self imaging is the athletic magazines because that shows you a healthy body in good shape, but most of the time its bad showing skinny models that makes society think that that’s what is ideal to the world when it’s not. Most of the people in the media have had plastic surgery at least once, so why would you want to look up to that and want to be as skinny as them when they aren’t perfect. They even Photoshop pictures to make them look “better” when they are actually fake. This constantly effects women and girls everyday because there are more obese people than there are fit people in our world.

 These witches are different from puritan witches because puritan witches just looked like normal town people. We made the witches seem ugly and gruesome with moles but they still have the same reading spells and having a black kettle. I’m not really sure why or point of views have changed though..

In Salem of 1692, if I was accused of being a witch I would not confess that I was a witch. Life would be dreadful, it wouldn’t even feel like you were living from everyone in the town looking down upon you. Death would just show God my faith towards him and how I wouldn’t lie just to save my life since Jesus didn’t give into the people who didn’t believe him. I didn’t really think they would’ve hung me, until they did. There’s really nothing that I would’ve done differently and I am satisfied with the choice I made.


On the assignment i got 11 correct out of 20. I guess i am somewhat good at telling the different races even though its REALLY confusing at times. It’s difficult to figure out what looks black, hispanic, and other races because some can be mixed racial. I tried looking for hispanic’s having that thick mustache, Asians having their eyes more of a horizontal oval shape, blacks having thick hair, and american indians just having a certain skin tone. I feel bad for people who get confused because some humans out in our world are racists and you could be something that they think you are, that you’re actually not. It’s an everyday thing with our country now, trying to figure out the races and ethnicities. Especially since the 9/11 attack that changed our nation and became a major part of history for the Americans. well.. that’s really all I have to say before I keep babbling on and on.. haha.

New to blogging

I’m new to blogging and never have used it for a class assignment before. It seems like it’ll be fun and interesting to use for assignments in English. I don’t dread it, i’m just not use it. Well, here we go with starting..

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